Product Returns

I've bought something from and it's the wrong size, can I return it?

It is possible for you to return a product you've bought if the size doesn't suit you, so that we can send back another size or even another product of the same price or more. If you have any doubts on what size you should buy, you should call us and we will gladly try to help you figure it out. You will be charged with the shipping costs.

You can also return a product that is defective, after contacting us at

Keep in mind that:

  • Clothes can be returned within 14 days after they've been bought.
  • Clothes cannot be refunded, they can only be changed with another product or another size of the same product.
  • A product cannot be returned if it's etiquette has been severed from it.

How do I return and change a product I've bought?

The first thing you need to do after you realize that the product does not suit you is to contact us either by email or phone. We will tell you how to send back the product(s) in order to minimize your shipping costs. 

After we receive the products you sent us and evaluate their condition, we will do our best to send back the ones that you asked as soon as possible.

Who pays for the return costs?

The shipping costs for your products returns are payed exclusively by you.

Is there a possibility that the product I return is not accepted?

Yes, the product you sent us back will not be acceptable if it has been used and / or does not have it's etiquette attached to it. If that is the case then the shipping costs for it's return back to your address are exclusively on you.