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In addition to having a unique style, the Venum Neo fightshorts is a very powerful piece. Skillfully designed for all fighters with a warrior spirit!

Made from the most resistant microfiber and reinforced high quality, the Venum Neo Camo Fightshorts will never let you fall.
Material delivering perfect thermoregulation, under its ultra-comfortable fast drying microfiber fabric coupled with mesh panels, this is ideal for intense training sessions.
Equipped with the innovative 3-way Vault ™ locking system it offers excellent support and a customizable fit to avoid any unnecessary movement or shifting.
Undoubtedly, the Venum Neo Camo Fightshorts is of high quality and will remain at the height of your determination!

Technical Features:

Micro-fiber polyester: ultra-light material built to last.
Mesh panels for optimal management of your advanced thermoregulation.
Vault ™ innovative 3-Way locking system for a perfect fit.
Speed Grip ™ for quick and easy adjustment of your fightshorts.
Yoke 4-Way Flex-System - expandable - for greater freedom of movement.
Reinforced stitching for enhanced durability.
Properties high performance fast drying: facilitates the evacuation of perspiration and guarantees a better moisture management.
Fully sublimated designs for durability.
Venum boardshorts do not have inner mesh